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Caught in compassion

You know the feeling. The ache. The sorrow. The grief. You feel compassion rising up, and you’re caught. You can’t unfeel something. You can’t unsee injustice… You can’t rub away the blackness. The empathy. The dark realisation… During my lunch-time at work I walk around the streets of Sydney’s Surry Hills. It’s a hub for brothels, and my heart breaks when I see… Continue reading Caught in compassion

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Are you a creative person?

When asked if they are creative, I think most people would say yes. You might not consider yourself an arty type that goes to the theatre, strums on a guitar, and takes photographs of sunsets, but I can almost guarantee there’s something you love doing that involves a creative process of some kind. You know… that… Continue reading Are you a creative person?

Bible quotes

The freedom to obey A relationship with God is not just about feelings and emotions. Its authenticity is shown in a life devoted to someone and something other than ourselves. The Christian life is one of complete surrender, joyful obedience, and willing sacrifice. Christians obey their loving, generous Father knowing there are far greater things ahead than those… Continue reading The freedom to obey