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‘We are on the outside of the world’

What delights you and draws you in? What are the things in life that take your breath away? Beauty certainly invites us – beckons us… But even the most gorgeous moment can leave us wanting. Often, just as we’ve stumbled upon ‘perfection’ and ‘ultimate happiness’, something intrudes upon it. C.S. Lewis describes our hunger for… Continue reading ‘We are on the outside of the world’

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Do you really see me?

‘Look at me, mum!’ This was the phrase repeated endlessly by my two children as they discovered a new adventure park the other day. The boys eagerly pressed me to observe them as they whooshed through long shiny slides, traveled high upon magnificent climbing frames and splashed through spurting water fountains. They loved to be… Continue reading Do you really see me?

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A beautiful thing

Who are the people and things you find the most beautiful, and what is it about them that makes them so? In the celebrity world, there are certainly some strikingĀ images of beauty. There’sĀ the fresh-looking Miranda Kerr with her gorgeous cheekbones… or Penelope Cruz with her fiery energy… And Robert Pattinson if you’re a Twilight fan…… Continue reading A beautiful thing