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Five ways to slow down the Christmas juggernaut

I’m not really big on the whole go-crazy-with-Christmas-lights-and-bauble-earrings thing, nor am I one for super-spiritual Christmas traditions (between you and me, traditional carols kind of irritate me). But I’m all for finding ways to slow down when the world around you is speeding up – as it does around Christmas-time. This blog is as much… Continue reading Five ways to slow down the Christmas juggernaut

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It always costs to give

It costs to give a gift, and Christmas-time reminds us of this. There are two ways we might give – begrudgingly, ‘because Aunt Betty always expects one’… Or willingly, with love and excitement in the hope that our gift will bring joy. Whatever our attitude in giving, the cost is there. We have spent our… Continue reading It always costs to give

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Tragedy doesn’t stop for Christmas

Everything feels more chaotic around Christmas – we race everywhere to buy those last-minute gifts and get to this party and that. Festive fever hits us all. This afternoon I was battling the traffic on one of the roads near me, and I saw the sign: “Christmas is for blessing – not for stressing.” Trite, I thought.… Continue reading Tragedy doesn’t stop for Christmas