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What’s your dominant life narrative?

As children, we are convinced, naturally, that we’re the centre of life’s story. We demand attention without rationale or reasoning, and are egocentric by design. As we grow older, we start to assess and validate the life stories of others. We become more able to celebrate our friends, and the things they contribute to our… Continue reading What’s your dominant life narrative?

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Caught in compassion

You know the feeling. The ache. The sorrow. The grief. You feel compassion rising up, and you’re caught. You can’t unfeel something. You can’t unsee injustice… You can’t rub away the blackness. The empathy. The dark realisation… During my lunch-time at work I walk around the streets of Sydney’s Surry Hills. It’s a hub for brothels, and my heart breaks when I see… Continue reading Caught in compassion

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Live a life without limits

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, and has spent a lot of his life speaking to people about what it was like to grow up this way. Nick is known for his positivity and sense of humour, and inspires others to live the life of their dreams despite the obstacles they might face.… Continue reading Live a life without limits