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What makes you happy? And what is happiness exactly?…

These are the questions I asked seven different people for a seven-minute video on the topic. I proposed the following: What are the things that make you the most happy? What is happiness to you? What is good mental health, and what does self-love and self-care look like? It was fun to interview different people… Continue reading What makes you happy? And what is happiness exactly?…

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SCHEMA 1: Abandonment – a primal fear

How’s your mental health? I’m interested to know how each of us can make our lives better by understanding the thought patterns that influence our behaviours and feelings about ourselves. This is Part One in a series of blog entries on schemas: a term from psychology and cognitive science which describes an organised pattern of thought or behaviour. Schemas can help… Continue reading SCHEMA 1: Abandonment – a primal fear

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My wealth problem

Can I share with you a little of my struggle with wealth? And no – I don’t have the problem of being a millionaire or anything like that. But there are issues in my mind relating to how wealthy I am compared to, well, most people outside of the Western world. “Join the club,” you might say. We’ve heard statistics like these a million times: Total… Continue reading My wealth problem

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Shy girl walking

I recently had the privilege of listening to a woman share about her journey as a shy person. In her mind, she thought that if she just smiled at everyone – saying very little – people would think she was nice, and would find no reason not to like her. In her younger years she was riddled with insecurities, fear… Continue reading Shy girl walking