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Why it’s so important to have our needs met

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is often portrayed in the shape of a pyramid with the largest, most fundamental levels of need at the bottom and the need for self-actualization at the top. The most fundamental and basic four layers of the pyramid contain the needs of esteem, friendship and love, security, and physical need. If… Continue reading Why it’s so important to have our needs met

Friendship and love · Psychology and mental health · Relating to God · The way we are

Where are you full? Where are you empty?

No matter how big and all-consuming our struggles, I believe each of us has both an abundance and a deficit in different areas. In other words, there are parts of our lives which are going well, and there are sections – or segments – which are not. Sometimes it might seem like nothing is succeeding… Continue reading Where are you full? Where are you empty?

Friendship and love · Life and other catastrophes · Relating to God · Spiritual growth and healing

Just so needy…

Sometimes ‘neediness’ can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to get frustrated and want to throw in the towel when it comes to friends or family that seem perpetually stuck in a victim mentality. They might blame others for their problems, seemingly unable to take responsibility for getting help. And of course it’s not always that simple.… Continue reading Just so needy…