Life and other catastrophes · Relating to God · Spiritual growth and healing

Guilt trips are no vacation

I love op shops, I admit it. I’m addicted to the thrill of finding wearable treasures in a sea of not-so-lovely stuff. I also love Italian hot chocolates. They are rarely made the way I like them, but when I find a good one I’m fanatical about it. I love cooking. Preferably with successful results,… Continue reading Guilt trips are no vacation

Life and other catastrophes · Relating to God · Spiritual growth and healing

Shy girl walking

I recently had the privilege of listening to a woman share about her journey as a shy person. In her mind, she thought that if she just smiled at everyone – saying very little – people would think she was nice, and would find no reason not to like her. In her younger years she was riddled with insecurities, fear… Continue reading Shy girl walking

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Control freaks… and God

‘Out of control’… ‘Self-control’… ‘Controlling personality’… ‘Easily controlled…’ I’m fascinated by the word control… The concept itself, and the reasons behind our desire for it intrigues me. I really wonder if control is indeed an illusion. I mean, how much control do we actually have? Emotions and thoughts flutter in and out of our minds constantly – often… Continue reading Control freaks… and God

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A new day dawning

“The days are long, but the years are short,” wrote Gretchen Rubin in The Happiness Project. Never a truer word has been said of parenting young children. Some days the noise and craziness of corralling two intense little boys is so challenging I want to scream. But there are also moments my heart simply wells up with joy. Like today. I stared down… Continue reading A new day dawning