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Grief is inevitable, but we have hope

Last week my country was rocked by the news that four people were killed on an amusement park ride on the Gold Coast. A week earlier we heard about a tragic situation whereby a Sydney man gassed his home, poisoning himself, his wife, his two children, and the family dog. Further afield, a pastor I have… Continue reading Grief is inevitable, but we have hope

Life and other catastrophes · Relating to God

Tragedy doesn’t stop for Christmas

Everything feels more chaotic around Christmas – we race everywhere to buy those last-minute gifts and get to this party and that. Festive fever hits us all. This afternoon I was battling the traffic on one of the roads near me, and I saw the sign: “Christmas is for blessing – not for stressing.” Trite, I thought.… Continue reading Tragedy doesn’t stop for Christmas

Life and other catastrophes · Spiritual growth and healing

More than a Midas touch

Ever heard the expression “everything she touches turns to gold”? I’d guess this is based on the famous King Midas, who’s remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This was reflected in later phrases the Golden touch, or the Midas touch. When we say someone has the Midas touch, we’re meaning they always seem… Continue reading More than a Midas touch